Piq is a pixel
and this is his world.

Piq often shows up in green color because the first pixels were displayed on green monochrome screens.

Over time, technology evolves and Piq acquires new characteristics.

It can be in different colors and becomes faster and faster… and numerous!

How many Piqs are there in a 4K screen?


The natural evolution of Piq goes in the metaverse.

In the next future Piq will be able to interact with other virtual worlds and get out of his conventional screens.

You can have Piq’s first exciting NFTs right now.


You can make a difference
Enter into the world of Piq. It’s your chance!

To get your PiqNFT check the collection on OpenSea.


The team… it’s me!

My nickname is RUNSTOP and if you recognize this word maybe you have my age.

My passion has been computer science and software development since I was 12 years old.

My first experiments were done with a fantastic Commodore 16 and then I moved on to the Commodore 64, Amiga, PC and Mac and I’m not going to stop.

My passion is also my job.

I think NFT and metaverse are the future.

Come aboard with me and Piq.

This is your chance too!


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